Going Social: Free e-Book

12 Key Things You Must Consider When Developing a Social Media Program for Your Business, Your brand or Your Clients

What’s so difficult about social media anyway?

The short answer? The “social” part…

Look strictly at the traditional offerings of the different types of marketing agencies out there, and it’s quickly apparent that more than hierarchy and bureaucracy are making it difficult for traditional marketing agencies (or in-house marketing departments) to roll out their “social media programs.” It’s that they have to reorganize and learn new skills in order to offer something they’ve never offered before.

In this glorious (and accessible! Beautiful!) e-book, you will learn:

  • Why bad social media happens to good brands
  • What it takes to get noticed
  • The unique functions of social media
  • Where social media falls in the traditional marketing mix
  • The difference between a social media campaign and program

And, as promised, 12 things you must consider when creating a social media program for your brand, company or clients…



  • Voted one of the "100 Best Social Media Marketing Blog Posts and Articles of 2009
  • An excellent e-book primer for social media novices.
  • A good handbook for in-house marketers, as well as agencies, who are still trying to figure out how to replace their piece-meal campaign-after-campaign approach with a full-blown social media program.
  • Very helpful. I find that many of the major companies are coming to terms with developing a social media plan, which is fantastic. Yet, I'm curious how small-mid size businesses are reacting? Either way, these steps are very helpful.Thanks!

    Brett Kopf, FYIndOut

  • I love this ebook! It accurately represents the challenges of trying to bring Social Networks to a traditional organization. Despite the number of people on Twitter and other social networks who claim to be Social Media Experts...the work to convince an established organization to make the necessary transition is not without its challenges.

    An Analog Woman in a Digital World

  • Wow. This eBook ROCKS. Thank you for sharing. I love what I'm reading so far.

    Bill Carmody

  • Great book. Enjoyed the mood too. Smart and groovy. Will start sharing with my hungry pals and spread some blog love too.Thanks

    Karen Post, President & Chief Seeker at AlterSeekers, Professional Speaker and Author

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